Saturday, June 25, 2011


mama: so have u capitalized on ur camera?
me: hah?
mama: have u made money out of ur camera?
me: (rasa macam ada dinosaur pijak jantung)


Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm just bored =P

This is gonna be one perfect lazy weekend =D I don't wanna clean up my room, I do not wanna sort out my laundry, I do not wanna get out of bed, I don't wanna do anything I just wanna laaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee around before its monday =D YES! though my room is a bit of a pigsty but it's ok i can close my eyes while lazing around u know that's not a problem xD

wait I have anything interesting to say *thinks*

OH. haha. Well, someone apparently questions whether I am lonely. Because I have no boyfriend xD hahahhha. INTERESTING =P She's a friend of my friend's and...i met her only once? only once, where during that time i beat her badly in a board game HAHA.

She just added me in fb & went judging me from my profile. C'mon man that's not fair! My friend told me that she asked a lot of these questions like "is hannah lonely napa dia teda boyfriend dia teda kawan ka teda org mau dia ni kan blah blah blah" -_-"

I didn't go online for 2 weeks plus. of course la my profile looks miserable -_-" and what's with this mentality where u are automatically lonely if you're boyfriendless? Is it really necessary to have a boyfriend all the time? Don't i at least have a choice?

My choice is, a dude who will treat me like im the queen of england. untill i find that dude, i choose to be single =P and i cannot be can i if i'm awesome? =D

So some girls (& boys, i know who u r ;p) are laughing at my singleness. but i seriously dont have any reasons to mind. I dont need to prove u wrong too. Its not like i dont mingle u know HAHA ;P pandai laaa aku mau jaga love life aku sendiri ;P

tgkla ba my previous posts. kalau nda pasal lelaki, pasal lelaaaaaaaaki ja =P its BORING! it should be about me for a change =D ur own good self must come first before others :D kan2 :D agreed? :D agreed! :D

HELL YEAH ITS A PERFECT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do i make my myself clear now? ;P

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Recipe to being Fabulous

boleh? GAHAHA!! im lacking sleep & i only had one miserable cupcake. for breakfast & lunch.

1. Comparing yourself with others is a sin, because it means you are insulting yourself.
You might blind yourself from your God-given talents & potential if u do.

2. So, people talk behind your back. Let them say what they want as long as its about U baby ahahaahhahaha things like this make u famous. seriously :P

3. Stares count more than Kg's. If i ate 10 lambchops and still getting some attention (omg i cant believe im saying this), i have nothing to worry about *flips hair*

4. Looks can be deceiving. U can too, if u know what i mean ):D effective when handling people you don't fancy much :P (OMG!)

5. (Bad) Boys are equivalent to manure. Enough said :P

6. Weird is the new black. INDIVIDUALITY!

7. Criticism is good. Gives you the chance to prove people wrong ;D

too bad i only came up with 7 :P

Monday, January 10, 2011

bulih saya complain panjang-panjang? =D

saya nda suka nda kena paham. ko ckap bahasa melayu sama orang melayu yang paham melayu dia BULIH-BULIH nda paham.

tapi bab memutar belit terer pulak. macam sial =P

saya juga nda suka kena psycho. sebab aku senang kena psycho. dammit =P ko rasa ko mau meluahkan jiwa raga la kunun kan trus ko kena tanya soalan2 bonus. ko nda mau marah, trus ko jadi bingung. trus ko rasa bodoh ni jap. trus, selepas setengah jam, ko pikir balik. NAPA AKU PLA MINTA MAAF TADI??

menci -_-" berapa perkataan suda ni? cukup syarat la kali kan. aku puas hati suda. ok bleh tdur =P ish, benci ai -_-"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

i need to stop thinking wat other people would think wen i say what i think wen im thinking

i dont think i've...ever really been that honest wen it comes to blogging. maybe a few times but there is this boundary, or maybe a mental block, that wenever i start typing i'd start thinking,

"would people think this is cool?"


and if not that, i'd start monologuing as if im presenting something in english class. and would use paragraphs upon paragraphs to explain a simple thing.


the oddly murky science of how the planet on where we stand called earth has brought drop upon drop of condensed water indefinitely made me feel saddened.

which just means its raining and i hate it. sorta like dis. minus the paragraphs la =P

i guess it is a problem =P *shrugs* then i need a new blog ehehehe to start FRESH! ohh thinking of the old

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Before speaking of your own misery, listen to others' first.

You may have it bad, but other people can too, in fact they could actually be going through the SAME thing that you're going through.

Don't be so hasty in thinking that you are the only one suffering. And you sure as heck can't clear your conscience, i don't know what's causing you that guilt, by justifying that YOU WENT THROUGH WORST. So, what I went through, doesn't matter? I still suffered. What am I supposed to do with that feeling?

Sooner or later, it'll make me want to shut you OUT.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

some morning rants :D

Which part of NO did he not understand? As far as I know, Sabahans DO NOT want the friggin' Coal Plant in Lahad Datu. Or a majority of us don't, at least. Why went on with it? If you want it so much, why not just build it somewhere else? If it can't be built elsewhere, why won't you just NOT build it? There's only two things I see from this whole thing;

No 1: He thinks Sabahans are stupid & aren't capable of thinking for their own selves.

No 2: We're loyal; so they're treating us like dogs.

Prove me wrong there Mr PM Sir.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Morning Chow Kit!

Yay! im now in KL doing some last minute raya shopping with the familia. we're supposed to do something else here too, something i didn't pay attention to...& i dont know the heck what... *mamai yg amat*

first off, I MISS HIM!!!!!!! oh but...i need my friend elle to slap some senses into me. loving a taken dude will get u heck shitload of bad bad karma. y? Y?? napa mesti tesuka yg ada gf. im being honest. I NEED HELP. Not only do i now look like a homewrecker, curly hair & ol xD, now i like people's bfs???????????? but i do miss him. shit.

2ndly, i am now staying at cititel express at chow kit road, jln tar or something. im telling ya, dis place kan. haaaaiiiissssseeeeeeehhhh. i woke up to the sound of a friggin gunshot, got up, looked out the window to check & heard another gunshot (?!?!???!) gila. 15th floor i couldnt see anything unless im superman. punya main GHETTO. but im safe here on the 15th floor hehe.

3rdly, yeah. imma gonna meet some bitches in kl YEAH!!!!!! cant wait!!!!!!! but i miss home uwaaaaaa. & my besties & my cuzzies UWWWWAAAAAAA!!!! nda pa, nda lama gonna get breakfast now. yesterday was a LOOOONNNNNG day. babai.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I may be an old soul, but I don't have to be 38 years old biologically. T_T

Uh oh. Deep shit people. I checked my bmi & all recently, my body fats are considered obese (i blame the belly dancing) & my age......friggin' 38. k. 38. DAMN.

how? why? when? why? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

i guess i need to do healthy things. like..............*nope nobody's home* i have migrane i'll google them up later :D

ok, some things totally unrelated to my un-intelligent title. i guess i'll be holding on to dis phrase religiously now; its MIND OVER MATTER :D

shit happens, shit will happen, shit happened, & shits will happen again and again; but if you can control the reins of ur own emotions, u r dubbed UNTOUCHABLE. =) i hate the fact that mean people exist. dammit they do. i have learned now if u bend & twist ur own mind, what mattered before wont anymore =P

there's dis dude right. he yelled at me & humiliated me like im some kind of pig. well, i didnt have to do anything & then before long, minta kesian sama saya. wtf. stupid asshole. ko sda kasi malu diri ko, aku nda payah buat apa2 pun xD

whatever. im just...thank God im still breathing, alive & well xD mind over matter right. the matter is, im obese. & old. but my mind says, lantaklah. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

to amy's bruneian stalker ^___^

Dear whats-ur-face,

1. ur not worth it, but seriously, im not as nice as amy =)

2. nobody touches my best friends.

3. bring a dictionary bitch, i dont want u to miss one word. it'll spoil the fun dontcha think? dictionary plz u whore dont make me translate.

4. u mess with the wrong people darl

erhem! sadang ta tu pukiiiiiiiiiii ko maki kawan aku babiiiiiiiiiii. wat? cant handle a bit of sarcasm? feeling threatened maybe? HAHA figures. cock-sucking pigs usually feel dat way. and ur one =)

maybe ur just upset. u got din, but ur so damn worried dat ur pussy wont sell to him anymore right? dats y u stalked amy for the past 2 FUCKING YEARS RIGHT? do u know how much u'd gain if u actually invested into something for like 2 years? bodo o kau. i gotta give it to are, by far, the most pathetic person i've known. kau juga la HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! haihh...entertaining oh kau sial. syok aku ketawa.

look, we dont CARE bout u or din, we DONT give a damn, heck, u guys can just fuck each other all day long WE DONT FUCKING CARE!! NEITHER DOES AMY!!! move forward plz bitch. ur so psychotic its hilarious.

let me clarify one thing; compare to u n amy, of course, ur love life deserves more kudos. amy's relationships are like a single rice compare to u. of course. ko bagi puki ko ma. SEPA BULI LAWAN? lelaki mana nda mau. amy, on the other hand, chose NOT to. so u just go ahead and be proud of the fact that u indeed, have a boyfriend, have a flourishing love life compare to amy, coz ur simply A WHORE. k?

lawyer? really? under what Act? r u some kind of moron? lemme give u law lessons k. people from different countries/continents/sometimes states cannot simply put a restraining order/sue/etc from each other. only prime ministers/presidents/international law enforcer/etc can. r u one? no...not with that brain u cant. astaga tulung la punya budu ko ni aku nda tahan oh kimak. dont make me laugh more than i already did. and, if u somehow by miracle could afford a lawyer, and able to have a legal battle with amy, DONT. u'll lose. sepa maki sepa dulu, ha kuyuk? ko yg start BUDU u'll be the one that'll pay the compensation BUDU!

hah...anitah...mun budu payah....satu lagi ah aku explain. dont try to play god. whats with the pussy threats? "dont blame me for what'll happen to ur family"? syiriknyaaaaaa tulung la. look. its not like amy cursed your family & future generations; or things dat could be related. she just gave ur bf, which is her EX BF mind u, a simple MSG. plz. tuluuuuuung la.

oh ok. so now u wanna attack me? mulut aku kurang ajar? memang. semua org benci aku. so? aku sundal. gatal. mcm amy juga. so? i have no love life, as i noe, u stalked my blog too, so? aku p kacau bf org? SO? kau pun HELLO? u dont know me bitch. im standing up for amy i think u wana call us lesbians. right? SO? u can curse me ALL U WANT. o ya. dont even try to create conflict between me and amy so we'll go against each other. dont even think about it. malas ta ku ingau. ur not the one who's giving me my salary. cakap ja laaaaa apa2 kau mau. it doesnt change the fact that ur stupid. and ur english is broken ur embarassing to the brunei clan. seriously. bikin malu oh kau.

haaah...ur a waste of time, and u have no friends. kesian. dont mess with a girl who has a hotelier for a best friend bitch. big mistake. so i bid u farewell, u have things to say ur welcome to drop a comment here no biggie =) if din the pussy has things to say he can write it here as well =) if ur friends wana say things too, boleh ba kalau ko! n ur family? be my guest. i'll show them how u cursed amy just for a single msg =) u started dis =) its been fun =) msg me in fb, browse me anywhere u want I DONT CARE. saya tidak takut dengan orang bodoh. PIGI MAMPUS.